DeepikaBangalore: The exuberant, effulgent, comely Deepika Padukone is in demand all over. Deepika’s charisma seems to be at work fully. Whatever maybe the reason her acting, her florid face, or her magnetism, but the south director K S Ravikumar is working according to the whims and wishes of your highness.

The story seems to unfold as Rajnikant’s illness has disturbed the whole schedule of the upcoming movie “Rana”, while the burly man recuperates; the director is just keen in having Deepika in the leading role. In spite of the fact that she is has a hectic schedule to follow and wont be able to devote enough time as per the requirements of the movie.

The director is still like a northern star, in his decision to have Deepika as his gal in the movie. He says he would do anything to make her comfortable. Well let’s just hope Ravikumar isn’t making a wrong decision. Already the movie is going to take tons of days to be completed, and what if it doesn’t turn out to be the much anticipated even with Deepika. Well Ravikumar could have got many other actors who would have adjusted according to the director instead of making the whole crew adapt according to her desire.

The rising demands of the beauties have left no other option for the film-makers but to get used to their tantrums. It is now to see how Deepika pays back the confidence, entrusted on her.

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