Deepak DobriyalHyderabad: Whether for good reasons or bad, Ram Gopal Verma always finds a place in the news especially when he announces a new movie. His latest venture, “Not A Love Story” is apparently based on the gruesome murder of Neeraj Grover. Known for his authentic style of making a movie, RGV’s even shooting the film in the same building where the horrific event took place. He has chosen Ajay Gehi to play the role of Neeraj, “Dev D” actress Mahie Gill to play the role of Maria Susairaj and Deepak Dobriyal, to portray Jerome.

Its Deepak’s first venture with Ram Gopal Verma and he is thoroughly enjoying working with the director. According to him, RGV is a genius and a complete institute when it comes to the art of filmmaking. According to him, though people may have an issue with the latter’s opinions and forthcoming attitude, he is a genius when it comes to his knowledge of cinema. According to Dobriyal every actor should work with Ram Gopal Verma at least once just to gain experience and learn from him.

“Not A Love Story” is apparently a crime thriller all set to release on August 19th. According to Ram Gopal Verma this movie is not a biopic but is just inspired by the events.

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