Celina JaitleyCairo: Celina Jaitley has always been an active and outspoken supporter for the cause of LGBT movement and has also voiced her support for the abolition of Article 377 of the Indian Penal Code which condemns homosexuality and other forms of alternate sexuality. But she says that she feels distressed at times when people misunderstand her and label her as a lesbian or say that her brother and father are gay. She has of course said that in spite of such obstacles she will continue her support for the LGBT community.

Celina was not able to attend the second anniversary of the gay pride parade in Delhi as she said that she has recently been through a knee surgery but she showed her full support for the cause. She also spoke about her fiancé Peter Hagg, an Australian hotelier based in Dubai and said that Peter had been close to her family for several years and was intimately known by her family.

She was introduced to Peter through her uncle. Celina says that they both plan to tie the knot next year and although she was supposed to be married this year in September, she has decided to postpone her wedding as her brother’s wedding had to be held first. She also confirmed that her marriage is going to be a traditional Indian marriage and she is eagerly waiting to see Peter in a traditional Indian wedding costume.

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