MahimaLas Vegas: Things seems to fall apart for Mahima Chaudhary, where there are news of gay and merriment like Ash being heavy with child or Genelia and Ritesh getting wedlock, there are big news of disappointment also. Going by the rumors Mahima separated from her husband Bobby Mukherjee,a renowned architect.

They have a four year old daughter, whose future seems to be at stake after the separation. Well Bobby and Mahima’s love story has an unusual tinge, these two love buds got themselves married in Las Vegas, before the prior notion. It was decided in the flick of the moment with the whole Bollywood kept at dark for a long time. It can be said the love cupids played the game in Vegas, but now what? They have known each other for years and love grew with time, Bobby was Mahima’s brother’s friend.

They have been going through a hard time since some days but that would turn out to be such, nobody had inkling. But now what next, will this be the end of all vows, or would they give a chance if not for themselves at least for their daughter. What they plan to do next is yet to see, but before that the reasons for such an act need to be on the surface.

On a conclusive note we just hope to see everything patched up, and for Mahima; running away is no solution. And for all the good people in general planning to get married take your time and “think before you fall in the pit”.

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