Abhishek Aishwarya KidMumbai: Abhishek Bachchan is on cloud 9 these days. And why not. He is waiting to play the most important role in his life – that of a dad. As he proudly looks on at Aishwarya’s bulging stomach, he is determined to be the best dad in the world.

Abhishek says that he is comfortable with kids because he spends time with his niece and nephew. But he agrees that one’s own child is a different matter altogether. The responsibility that comes with raising one’s child is immense and you have to consider issues like bringing up the child with the right morals and principles. Though he is a little daunted by this prospect, he is confident that things will fall in place when the time arrives.

Abhishek confesses that right now he is at the receiving end for advice and tips from family and friends. He is happy to extend a willing ear to them. The congratulatory messages have not stopped and Abhishek is touched to see so many people happy for him and his family.

On being quizzed as to why he did not personally announce the news, Abhishek says that he wanted his dad to have that proud privilege. Way to go Abhishek. Not many would think of their dad’s feelings at this stage. You are the best son and will definitely be the best dad. We wish you and the family all the best.

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