Kareena KapoorNew Delhi: Kareena Kapoor seems to be the beneficiary with the pregnancy of Aiswarya Rai. May sound odd, but looks to be true, if one were to go by the reports making rounds in the filmi circles. Filmmaker Bhandarkar who initially conceived the “Heroine” plot with Kareena in mind had to switchover to Aishwarya Rai as the Kapoor girl refused the project as she found some scenes too objectionable.

No amount of convincing by Bhandarkar could make Kareena happy about the intimate scenes and had outright rejected to act in it. Left with no alternative, a clueless Bhandarkar drafted Aiswarya Rai in the role and made suitable changes in the script to suit her as also Kareena. That was some time back. With the Bachchan household breaking news of Aiswarya’s pregnancy, Bhandarkar had to shelve his plan of making the movie with her.

Reports now making active rounds in the circles say that the filmmaker has gone back to his original inspiration for the role – Kareena –with a request to don the role. He is reported to have made secret telephone calls to Bebo (Kareena) with the request.

But, Bhandarkar refuses to endorse the gossip and goes on to add that it was a fig of imagination and rubbished it as baseless.

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