Being Human Salman KhanMumbai: Salman Khan (Sallu) declared that he will not be a part of “Being Human”. Salman Khan Being Human Productions (SKBHP), debut movie “Chillar Party” is slated for July 8th release. “Tai Tai Phiss”, the racy item number from the film in which Ranbir Kapoor too features has already become a super-duper hit with kids.

Sallu hopes the item number will help the movie rake in good moolah. And going by the rushes, he might not be a disappointed man. Salman, like his fraternity, is too eager for the outcome of the movie once it is released on the scheduled date. The macho-actor feels acting in home production does not make any business sense as it will only push up the costs – at a time when the whole industry is busy finding ways to prune costs of production.

Sounds to be a good decision. Salman, though asserted that his idea of not starring in a home production may be broken if he lands up with a good plot/story. In between these vacillations, Salman is sure of one thing – his presence in his home production will boost the revenues. So a good reason for him to be present in them, he reasons. May be time will reveal whether the viewers get a chance to see him in any of the forthcoming SKBHP ventures.

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