Karan JoharMumbai: Having dealt with issues on marital discord and its reasons and solutions thereof in his films like ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’ and ‘We are Family’, film – maker Karan Johar stated that marital contentment does not exist anywhere. Marital Bliss is a thing of the past and monogamy has over the years been reduced to a mere term. Even marriages that look blissful and perfect from outside are in reality a mirage.

There are many couples who are trapped in their own marriages because of societal reasons, and harmonious relations exist or seem to exist because people find it difficult to reveal their disagreements out in the open. Karan said that the entire institution of marriage is farcical and there’s at least one of the partners who is at the losing end always.

With our zone of tolerance having touched the rock bottom, the level of understanding for one another in a relation has been nil. This lack of understanding is triggered by the fast- paced lifestyle that all of us lead nowadays. In a marriage where both the partners work and lead a busy life the lenience is always low and some amount of infidelity is expected.

However, Karan’s such strong remarks makes us believe that his next venture is sure to be on the same subject. With scandals all around the globe involving politicians, players and bureaucrats, infidelity looks like the flavour of the month for Hindi Cinema!

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