Akshay KumarMumbai: ‘Singham’, since the very first day of its release, has been designating a solid and dazzling success for Ajay Devgan. The Box Office is also elated to have nosed the aroma of the success. It is but natural that the state of prosperity might rightfully bring some unbridled delights for the actor for time being.

But Ajay is not a man of that type. He does not want to relax and consume from the store of his success while waiting for bad days to drive him again into fire. He seems to be sensible enough to accelerate for a new challenge for sustaining the degree of his success.

Spanking Ajay Devgan is warming up to embark with Ashwni Dhir for his next film with a may-be-litigating title, ‘SOS-Son of Sardar’ that is likely to punch the peaceful right of Akshay’s Hari Om Entertainment having the same title already registered for their next production.

According to reports, Akshay has already had a complete script for his film under the same title and the production is presently at work-in-progress stage before finalizing the rest of the details. Now, Ashwni Dhir opting for this title, ‘SOS- Son of Sardar’ for his production to be starred by Ajay Devgan, might be at stake and struggle on the floor for putting aside Akshay’s claim for setting the same title for the script he has completed.

We hope for an amicable settlement to take place before any least little litigation takes place to disturb both these Sons of the Soil and Sonakshi Sinha who has signed as the heroine for Ajay.

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