Aishwarya BachchanNew Delhi: Here’s good news for all the Bachhan fans. The family is now being gifted by god’s benevolent act “junior’s junior Bachhan”. This bliss is however creating mayhem among many in the nation. The first and foremost is Madhur Bhandarkar. What was he thinking when he lashed out at Aishwariya only god knows. But who cares when Ash has daddy Amitabh Bachhan to manage all tattle. He acts as a sheriff post to his family, and why not?

This time also he has very well pointed out the inappropriateness of Madhur Bhandarkar’s accusation on Ash. She being a married woman has full right to be heavy with child, and there is no law binding which can stop her from doing so. And as Big B pointed out, was at any moment Madhur Bhandarkar unaware of this fact the Ash is a married woman? The answer is obviously no. Yet he could not stop himself from creating a fuss about some 18 crore rupees. Definitely it’s a huge amount and our sympathies go with him.

But on humanitarian ground it seems to be irrational allegation. And in no way Big B is wrong while supporting Ash. Actresses had been pregnant before also and Ashwariya Rai Bachhan is no exception. However it is sad to see how the most natural thing in the world can be a source of discontent to someone.

Well these innuendos are never ending in Bollywood one assertion comes, and goes, with the coming of the other. The Bachhans just need to be patient, and be cautious the next time before signing a project.

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