Adah SharmaMumbai: Its a busy world, remember Adah Sharma, yes definitely the kid who is about to complete her graduation soon; has been heard few days back to have refused to go for a promotional shoot for her up coming movie with Vikram Bhatt named “Phirr”. Well she must have been really busy with her studies or may be, may not be her endorsing of some other brands like Cadbury bars. But she refuses all such grounds of accusations.

Her declaration is that she did not have the clue about the releasing date of her movie and so she has been marked absent from any kind of promotional event for the movie. And the reason is that she is also shooting for another movie “Hum Hain Rahi Car Ke” somewhere in rural area as she claims that there is no network coverage and also she had been away in Bangkok for some commercial shoot. But jokes apart there evidently seems to be some spark of truth in her declarations.

She has just been up for one movie that appeared in 2008. She really can’t afford to miss the promotions of her upcoming movies if at all she is thinking of making a career in Indian cinema. And it’s even more baseless to think that there is some hard core tussle going on between Vikram Bhatt and Adah for which Adah would not show up for the promotions.

We need to believe her facts also, which points out only to one thing, that the gal is really busy.

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