Abhay DeolNew York: Will it be surprising for anybody if Abhay Deol Elopes? It would never create any hullabaloo that’s for sure after all how many people actually know him? Some people may be just be able to recognize him by his face but never by his work, and its anytime better that people should not recognize him by his “work” because that can create a real racket. And of course if he is seen with his cousins- big brothers Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol, some wise men using their dexterity can find out the similarity. But that’s asking way too much from the commoners.

Although he is trying hard to be a superstar and has been receiving accolades in recent times but generally his career has always been foggy. Coming to the point his decision of absconding instead of getting married can be juxtaposed to his career. Whatever said or done in his six year career he has failed to achieve the stardom that can be expected from a star. So if not my work let my actions make me popular. Seems Abhay desires to follow this policy.

After all who doesn’t want to be in the limelight, especially for an act like this, to elope with his girlfriend as a vehement protest against social taboo MARRIAGE? Oh if he does so, he will be all over the media, a supposed thing which he wants to gain. Well again this is a complicated situation.Situations will be grosser then ever if he runs away, for it will completely obliterate him in glamour world and put a part time end to his esteemed career. So big-boy, think before you sink.

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