Vedita Pratap SinghMumbai: There is no aphrodisiac like fame. Vedita Pratap Singh, an unknown name till yesterday is all over the media today. And it does not matter that the reasons are all wrong. What has made her so hot (pun intended) is a raunchy video from her yet to be released film ‘Bhendi Bazaar’ that has been leaked on the Internet. The steamy scene has been shot with her costar Prashant Narayanan.

As controversy arose, Vedika is now making all the right statements. She says that she was initially very intimidated by the love making scene as envisioned by the director. But she tried to understand the director’s point of view. She got into the mind of the character and realized that this is how the character, a seductress, would behave in that particular situation. Vedika mentions that once this was clear in her head, her qualms disappeared magically. She understood that after all it is the character who is doing the seductive moves and not Vedika Pratap Singh personally.

Vedika also trusts her director and has immense respect for her senior co-star Prashant. This made the task easier for her. She signs off that there is nothing vulgar about the scene and that it has been aesthetically handled.

Being a newcomer in the industry, this attitude speaks volumes about Vedika’s professionalism. She is bound to go far. We wish her all the success.

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