SRK SalmanNew Delhi: It’s a well known fact that Mr. King Khan and Salman Khan both are arch-rivals, but then the Badshah Khan of Bollywood didn’t hesitate a bit talking about Salman’s upcoming movie “Ready”. According to Badshah Khan, he loved hearing twonumbers from the movie, ‘Dhinka chika’ and ‘Character Dhella’ and never feels tired to speak about it where ever he goes.

When asked by someone if he is going to watch this movie or not, he candidly spoke that he is not sure about it but definitely he wanted his kids to watch it. His children would be going to watch the film this week and heal so stated that he thinks “Ready” is going to be a superb movie.

Sahrukh and Salman have shared screen space in a couple of movies including few blockbusters like “Karan-Arjun” and “Hum Tumhare Hai Sanam” and also mantained a very smooth relationship in the past but their relationship gotsour in 2008 at the birthday party bash of Katrina Kaif, who is the ex-girlfriend of Salman khan and they parted ways and commented against each other publicly. It was the first time Salman stated publicly that he and SRK couldnever be friends again. On the other hand SRK also commented that he did notwant to talk with Salman on the subject again.

Who knows if “Ready” is going to settle all disputes between both Khans and helps them to reunite once again!

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