SRK with his kidsAhmedabad: The Badshah of Bollywood and the Kolkata Knight Riders Team owner Shah Rukh Khan who is always very particular about his taste and appearance has recently flew in economy class in a charted plane boarded from Ahmedabad to Mumbai and only reason behind it was that he wanted to get back on time to meet his children.

When king khan came to know about the chartered flight has a snag which he was to board from Ahmedabad, and there was no other flight available after that. The next flights were at 11.15 pm and then at 12.15 am and only alternative remained was to stay back or board the next charted flight of morning. But king Khan didn’t want to wait any longer as he wanted to meet his children; he booked tickets for himself and his entourage in the economy class of a regular passenger flight, because of no availability of business class seat.

The second flight at 12.15 am had availability of business class seats but Sahrukh didn’t want to stay for some more hours there. It was a quite different experience for king Khan as many children and their parents kept asking for his autographs, snaps and refused to leave him for a second.

SRK again presented the example of his simplicity and that is the probably most suitable reason why he is the most popular actor across the globe.

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SRK travels by Economy class for his kids, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating