Salman ShahrukhNew Delhi: Don’t get your hope high. There has been no reconciliation between the two Khans, though it is the dearest wish of their fans to see them as friends again. We are talking about SRK’s performance on the Dabangg’ song in Toronto. Naturally, this was the highlight of his act and received a thundering applause.

Few know the truth behind the performance. SRK has been strictly advised by his doctors not to strain his knee. However, he was already committed to this performance. The organizers were willing to change the steps for Badshah. But being the true professional that he is, SRK would have none of it.

SRK wanted to keep his commitment and did not want to disappoint eager fans. Sources say the wife Gauri is also not amused by this.

SRK gave his 100% to the performance. The strain was too much and his knees began to bleed. Finally he limped off the stage after his performance. We can only imagine the extent of pain he must have undergone.

Salman Khan is known in the industry for keeping his commitments, whatever the cost. Looks like SRK as joined him. For two superstars who have so much in common, it is a pity they are not even on talking terms. Let us hope this status changes soon.

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