Salman KatrinaPune: Beauty Katrina Kaif recently experienced some 18th century chivalry from none other than ex- boyfriend, now friend Salman Khan. For people who don’t know, there exists an organization in Bollywood called Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE). All actors, big or small are expected to be registered members of this body. According to Dinesh Chaturvedi, president FWICE, the membership offers several benefits to the stars including insurance. And the membership fees is a paltry Rs 600.

While mega stars like SRK and Salman are members, the FWCIE is upset that Katrina has not yet completed the registration formalities. They decided to send summons to the actress and halted the shoot of her deodorant commercial at Mehboob studios. Needless to say, Katrina was embarrassed and upset. All her pleas fell on deaf ears. Someone had the presence of mind to apprise Salman of the situation.

Being the rock star that he is, Salman personally called the president and assured him that Katrina would complete the legal registration formalities soon. And when Salmanbhai is in charge, the tensions disappear instantly. The FWICE withdrew and the shoot commenced as planned. The production unit definitely has Salman to thank for saving them from incurring huge losses on account of cancelled shoot.

We wonder how Katrina feels about this. No doubt, she is feeling like the damsel in distress, who has been rescued by her knight in shining armor. The question as to the whether she wanted this knight to be a certain other young gentleman is one she alone can answer.

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