Delhi BellyMumbai: We are all well acquainted with Aamir Khan the perfectionist and Aamir Khan the astute producer. Nobody but Aamir would come up with the idea of a party to celebrate the success of a song from his upcoming flick ‘Delhi Belly’. Indeed the song ‘Bhaag D.K. Bose’ has become a ‘run’ away success.

‘Delhi Belly’ is a bold film, centered on today’s youth and their reactions to the various events in life. Asin all Hindi films, particular attention has been paid to the music and lyrics. A lot of thought has gone in to the lyrics so that they are apt for the particular situation. The audience today accepts no less.

Kunal Imran and VirThe seed forthe song ‘DK Bose’ took birth in writer Akshat Verma’s mind. This seed was nurtured and given its present form through the loving care and patience of lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya and music composer Ram Sampath. The song has touched a chord with all, particularly the youth. Whether it is the college campus or canteen. Whether it is the BEST bus or local train, snatches of this song can be heard everywhere. The song has caught on to such an extent that it has almost become an anthem.

Of course, co producer Kiran Rao is pleased as punch about it. The entire team of cast and the lyricist and music director are up-beat about the positive reaction. They hope that the movie too will be as well received as the song. We hope so too. For we would love to ‘run’ to the theatre to watch ‘D.K. Bose run’.

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