RekhaPatna: The famous actor Shatrughan Sinha, who is better known as ‘Bihari Babu’ will shortly be making a presence on big and small screen. Shatrughan who is already in news for hosting the Bhojpuri Version of famous reality show KBC stated that he will also appear in the film”Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai” opposite all time charming actress Rekha.

Addressing the media, the actor stated that he has very little free time in hishand as his political career has a very tight schedule but he can act in a movie in a year. As again getting back together with Rekha, he says, it is a great experience and she is Shatrughan’s all time favorite actress. He also remarked that once upon a time they were very good friends and then they stopped talking to each other because of few reasons. However they are still in touch now. He also remarked with a smile on his face, that his wife played an important role to calm down both of them.

The actor expressing hopes for the Bhojpuri version of KBC which he is currently hosting said that there is a special purpose behind this show apart from entertainment and this is to promote and present this great Indian language “Bhojpuri” which is spoken by several millions of people across the country.

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