RajnikantThe condition of Tamil superstar Rajnikant, who is undergoing dialysis for breathing difficulties and kidney ailment in a Singapore hospital is still critical and one of his fans attempted suicide to devote his kidney to save Rajnikant’s life.

Being dejected by the report in a section of the media that a kidney transplant operation had to be performed on this superstar, Rajniraja Arockiasamy, age 40, an ardent fan of Rajinikanth in Coimbatore, who heads the fans’ association activities of this superstar, went crazy and decided to end his life. He tried attempting suicide and he consumed sleeping pills in excess, which led him unconscious. On seeing him lying unconscious, few of his relatives and neighbors rushed him to a hospital, where after recovery from this trauma, he confessed to doctors that he wanted to donate his kidney so the life of this superstar could be saved.

Meanwhile Dhanush, superstar’s son-in-law requested to his fans that they should not believe in these baseless rumors and he also assured that the superstar has not undergone for any kidney transplant. According to him, Rajnikant’s condition is stable and he is recovering fast and there would be some statement from the Super Star himself very soon.

By Ahana Chakraborty

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