Mauli DaveDurban: Generally, when two actresses get together, the tension in the air is very palpable. Not so with television actresses Mauli Dave and Aashka Goradia. They are currently seen on reality show ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi – Torchaar’.

Mauli and Aashka were recently in Ahmedabad to promote their show. And the chemistry between them was absolutely sizzling. Of course the fact that both are Gujratis may have helped. But it sure looks as if they are genuinely fond of each other.

Aashka GoradiaMauli and Aashka hugged and posed for pictures sweetly. They even spoke in Gujrati to connect better with the audiences. The girls proved that they have a good sense of humor, a quality sadly lacking in the industry. When Mauli was asked about her relationship status, Aashka answered with a straight face that the two of them were actually a couple and that she was the ‘boyfriend’ in the relationship. Then both of them broke into giggles like school girls. (Very sweet indeed!!)

On a serious note, Mauli confessed that she is indeed seeing someone, while Aashka maintained that she is single at the moment. Way to go girls. All the best for the show.

However, given the extreme competitive nature of the industry there are in, it remains to be seen how long this friendship will last. We can but wait and watch.

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