Leander PaesNew Delhi: Leander Paes is one of the few sports stars who has been able to make the transition to Bollywood without too much difficulty. He debuts in director Ashok Kohli’s film ‘Rajdhani Express’. As the name suggests, parts of the movie are to be shot in the Rajdhani – Delhi. Thus Leander is in Rajdhani (the movie) and at Rajdhani (the capital).

According to Ashok, two critical scenes from the film are to be shot is Delhi. One is a motorcade. The other involves action at the railway station. At the moment, the team has applied to the right authorities for the requisite permissions. Once the permissions come in, the shooting will start. Ashok hopes to wrap up the shooting in July and is looking forward for an August release.

‘Rajdhani Express’ stars Leander along with veteran actor Paresh Rawal. It is an action thriller. According to Ashok, Delhi is a very important part of ‘Rajdhani Express’. The film explores the tense, often volatile relationship between an ordinary man (represented by Mumbai) and the establishment (represented by Delhi). So Delhi, in this sense, is a character in the film.

It now remains to be seen how Leander will interpret this challenging role. After all, in his first film, he has hold his own in the face of our beloved Rajdhani – Delhi.

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