KRKPune: In today’s Internet age, communication is very quick. There are a number of social networking sites that are very useful. Stars are able to keep in touch with their fans using these sites. But there is a downside to every technological innovation. People with super inflated egos use these sites to brag about themselves. As if anyone really cares!!

Self proclaimed millionaire Kamaal Rashid Khan appears to be one such person. People may recall Kamaal from his stint on TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss’, where his starry tantrums generated TRPs for the channel. Kamaal recently posted pictures of his luxurious house in Dubai on a popular social networking site. He has posted the pictures of his living room, garden and the entrance to his villa. The icing on the cake is that his villa is named ‘Jannat’.

Another popular discussion topic with Kamaal is his string of girlfriends. Apparently, all his girlfriends have been foreigners. And he is quite amused by this fact. He openly shares with us that his current girlfriend is a Moroccan. News flash, Kamaal. We could not care less about the nationality of your girlfriend. If you are happy with her, God bless you and her.

Kamaal Rashid Khan is abbreviated as KRK. KRK has his Jannat. We are reminded of a superstar in our midst with similar initials and a similar name for his house. And we cannot help but think how humble and down to earth he is inspite of his achievements. A thorough gentleman to the core. May his breed increase.

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