Karan Johar and Nikhil AdvaniMumbai: Bollywood is undoubtedly the birthplace for crazy happenings. Concepts of friendship and enimity are shortlived. There were several instances of fast-friends becoming bitter enemies and vice versa. But the latest seems to be the icing on the cake. Hold your breath for the latest.

KJo and Nikhil Advani are bent on mending their relations. KJo seems to have been swamped by a mood of make-up as he is reportedly taking long strides in building bridges with his friends with whom he has fallen apart. The latest in his list is Nikhil Advani with whom he reportedly kissed and made up. Going by the reports making rounds in the bollywood, KJo and Nikhil were seeking out each other’s help in their respective ongoing projects.

KJo who broke the ice with co-film maker Sanjay Leela Bhansali, with whom he had a rift, recently is sought after by Nikhil for advice for his about-to-be-started 3D animation flick titled “Delhi Safari”.

KJo is all too eager to lend his hand and expertise to his one time protégé Nikhil on this issue. And Nikhil too seems to be too happy to be of some assistance to his one time mentor KJo. It looks “Happy days are here again” for both these guys once more.

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