Imran Khan YouthMumbai: Recently the Maharshtra government has increased the age limit for drinking to 25 years. This decision has met with wide spread protest from all quarters. Not only youngsters, but right thinking individuals across age groups feel that this age limit is not justified.

Bollywood has also voiced its concerns on this issue. Imran Khan is truly an icon for the Gen Next. And he seems to have taken his responsibility seriously. Imran Khan plans to file an PIL against this decision. He has asked his legal team to look into the formalities and initiate the necessary procedures.

Imran feels that raising the age bar for drinking to 25 years is absolutely ridiculous. When one can marry at 18 and vote at 18, surely one can have the freedom to drink at 18. Imran quickly clarifies that he is not pro drinking. He only wants the youngsters today to have the choice. He feels young people today are smart to make the right choices. And we must give them an opportunity to do so.

History has shown that the more you repress society, the harder society tries to break the norms. It is a well known fact that liquor consumption is highest in states / countries that have prohibition laws. Imran feels that if we give freedom to the youngsters, they will value it and embrace the responsibility that comes with it.

Way to go Imran. We are with you in this one.

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