Imran Khan in Delhi BellyMumbai: Actor Imran Khan is on high spirits these days. His upcoming movie Delhi Belly, is already getting a lot of press coverage prior to its release primarily for its controversial songs. The song Bhaag DK Bose has garnered rave reviews both for its controversial lyrics as well as for its energetic and rocking tunes. The song has become an instant hit with the young crowd.

However, protests for the obscenity of the song’s lyrics have posed problems for the Information and Broadcasting Ministry to approve its content.

Delhi Belly wallpapersImran Khan, of course, has defended his film and the lyrics of the DK Bose song, saying that the lyrics are not referring to a Hindi expletive and in fact referring to a person called DK Bose.

The movie also features several titillating scenes, rendering it an A certificate from the Censor Board. On being asked whether it was difficult to utter profane language in the film, Imran said that it’s all a part of an actor’s job. He also mentioned in his interviews that he had to go through six auditions before he landed for the role of Tashi, and the fact that the movie was produced by his uncle Aamir Khan did not make things easier for him.

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