Ramdev BabaHaridwar: Fame is truly an aphrodisiac. People are sure to blow up any trivial and utterly insensible issue to ensure they remain in the limelight for those few moments. How else does one account for this really strange scenario, where Dolly Bindra was called Baba Ramdev’s sister (??!!).

At an Awards function, popular standup comedian Raju Srivastav apparently introduced Dolly Bindra as Baba Ramdev’s sister. It is not clear what the motive was behind this statement. Probably Raju felt that this would tickle the funny bones. Alas, no such reaction occurred. What did occur was Dolly taking offense to the statement. That of course is expected behavior from her. Dolly immediately proceeded to question Raju who was onstage hosting the program. Soon a full scale conversation started between them, which the audience may have found more interesting than the program.

Soon after Dolly started contacting the media informing them of this unfortunate occurrence. She said that Raju had called her to apologize. Though she is deeply hurt, Dolly graciously says that she has decided to let bygones be bygones.

Good for you Dolly. And good for you too, Mr. Srivastav. Being in Dolly’s bad books is not really a nice experience.

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