Bhindi Bazaar PosterMumbai: Bhindi Bazaar, another gangster movie which had been in news, for all the wrong reasons, perhaps will be able to cash in on only that particular point. A film which does not belong to the mainstream does require a punch, and Bhindi Bazaar, unfortunately fails to deliver it. With a good package of excellent and veteran actors and a good plot in its kitty much was expected out of it. But it portrays a sorry figure.

Established actors like Deepti Naval and Jackie Shroff are seen to be poorly used and the script very badly fails to utilize their potential. Their characters are a come and go and leaves very little impact on the audiences.

The sex scenes seem to be used unnecessarily, but only that can at last act like a saving grace for the film.

However, strong performances by actors like Kay Kay Menon and Pawan Malhotra are some of the high points of the movie.

All in all Bhindi Bazaar is a good movie, and there’s nothing great about it. Apart from strong performers, it had nothing else to deliver . It failed in the fact that in spite of having a good script it couldn’t deliver in the way the whole story is carried out. It could have been narrated in a much better way.

Overall, the film leaves you expecting a lot of it. You enter the movie hall with high expectations and end up saying, “is this all?”

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