Bheja Fry 2Mumbai: Director Sagar Ballary seems to have tickled the funny bone of audience with his latest Bheja Fry-2 but has rubbed shoulders the wrong way with the Censor Board. Irked by a scene in the film which has Vinay Pathak (Bharat Bhushan) explaining the best positions in love-making to a couple, the Censors has directed the scene to be chopped off from the movie.

Bharat who seems to have a solution for every conceivable issue on the face of the earth, is shown in the scene as advising the correct position in love-making to procreate. The brazen scene, tipped as a hilarious one by the director, is ordered by the Censors to be removed from the movie. Sagar contends that the movie will lose a part of the sheen by chopping it, though intends to retain it in the DVD version. Claiming the scene to be having a potential to have us clutching at our tummies, Sagar Ballary ruefully agreed to delete it from the movie.

He confided that the Censor Board had told him in no uncertain terms that he cannot show pillow talk and talk of “Garbha Dharan” in the movie in the way it was done. Post the deletion, the movie will feature Bharat Bhushan walking into a bedroom where a couple were making it out and walks off in a huff with a refrain to them to atleast close the door properly before beginning their act.

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