Asin, Zarine KhanLondon: Salman’s girls Asin and Zarine are not Ready for bikini. Bollywood actress Asin may be presently delighting the audience alongside hunky Salman Khan in ‘Ready’ but renowned film director Sajid Khan is certainly not a very happy man. After all, his attempts to drape her in a bikini in his forthcoming flick ‘Housefull 2’ is bearing no fruits as Asin has flatly refused to slip into the two piece.

ZarineKhan (who was thrust into the limelight by Salman in ‘Veer’), too, isn’t comfortable donning the bikini even though she has shed some pounds and is looking in better shape. Sajid Khan’s intent to heighten the glamour of ‘Housefull 2’ seems to have, therefore, suffered a bit. However, the Sri Lankan hottie Jacqueline Fernandez has, much to his relief, given her assent to wearing skimpy clothes and bikinis and is, therefore, likely to spearhead the glam quotient in the film. That shouldn’t come as a surprise given that she is revealing a lot more skin in the much talked about ‘Murder 2’.

Sajid, of course, grabbed all male eyeballs with the prequel ‘Housefull’ that had the luscious Lara Dutta, the leggy Deepika Padukone and the dusky Jiah Khan all switching into the bikini mode. But in ‘Housefull 2’, with Asin’s and Zareen’s inhibitions towards skin-show, the burden rests solely on Jacqueline’s slender shoulders. She, a growing actress, won’t, of course, mind the extra spotlight.

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