AsinChennai: Neil Nitin Mukesh and Asin are not going to star together in Hriday Shetty’s film ‘Chaalis Chaurasi’. Grapevineis abuzz that while working with Hriday on this project, Neil had recommended Asin for the role of leading lady. Further on being approached by Hriday, Asin had refused the role and had declared that Neil’s role was also not up to the mark.

Understandably, director Hriday Shetty is not happy. He vehemently denies approaching either of the actors. Hriday is busy with the pre production work for the film, in which he is working with Naseeruddin Shah, Atul Kulkarni and Kay Kay Menon.

Neil and Asin have been seen hanging out together often these days. Of course they maintain that they are ‘just friends’. In such a scenario, it is touching that Neil had recommended her to a director. However, it does not appear to bethe case. Director Hriday Shetty finds himself at a loss to undetstand the reasons behind such a rumour. Hriday maintains that he barely knows Neil and has not even met Asin.

In fact Hriday is of the opinion that there is enough talent in Bollywood and he need not look for actors from South. That is not very nice, Mr Shetty. Asin hasworked in a number of Hindi films and is as much a part of Bollywood as anyone else. Besides, why these language barriers. Let there be free flow of artists without any restrictions. That is how art and cinema will flourish.

Asin is now a force to reckon with, considering that ‘Ready’ is ringing in cash at the BO. With producers and directors, queuing upat her door, Asin may be really tied up for some time to come.

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