Akshay KumarNew Delhi: Many people, who make it big in life, often tend to forget their roots or humble beginnings. This is true in any walk of life and not only in Bollywood. Therefore it is heartening to see Akshay Kumar’s special affinity to Chandni Chowk in Delhi, which was his first home.

Akshay has fond memories of the place. Owner of a palatial bungalow in Mumbai, Akshay has still maintained his one bed room home in Chandni Chowk. Not only that, he actually spends some time at this house a few months of the year, whenever he has time. Sometimes, when work brings him to Delhi, he prefers to stay here.

Akshay says he loves to lose himself in the anonymity of Chandni Chowk. He covers his face up with a cap and passes through the streets, visiting his favorite eating joints. What he loves best about the place is the fact that it has remained unchanged over the years. And coming back here every once in a while recharges him up like nothing else can.

It is no secret that celebrities have to give up on the simple pleasures of life often. It is the price they have to pay for their stardom. Akshay however has managed to hold on to this little joy in his life. And we are happy for him and happy with him. Truly down to celebrities like him are rare and that is what makes Akshay Kumar so special.

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