Aamir AmitabhNew Delhi: We all know Aamir Khan’s fondness for perfection. When Aamir throws a party, everything is planned to the last detail. Yet, one cannot control everything. The best laid plans do sometimes have a tendency to go awry. And Aamir recently experienced this first hand.

Aamir Khan had thrown a party to celebrate 10 years of the launch of his production house and to commemorate the super successful ‘Lagaan’, his maiden production venture. The guest list was very selective. It included all his associates in the production house and the people associated with ‘Lagaan’. The media was present in large numbers and Aamir had a huge smile, lapping up all the attention.

Aamir had invited Amitabh Bachchan as a special guest. Gracious as ever, Amitabh attended the occasion. Only he decided to come in his Buddha character from the film ‘Bbuddha Hoga Tera Baap’. As it is, there is great curiosity about the film. As Amitabh entered, the audience, particularly the media broke into spontaneous applause. Amitabh was requested to mouth dialogues from his film. Amitabh refused politely saying that it was Aamir’s event and not a platform to promote ‘Bbuddha Hoga Tera Baap’. But the media would have none of it. And Big B had no option but to oblige them. And once the impressive baritone commenced, Aamir and Lagaan were all but forgotten. It was Amitabh and his film all the way.

We wonder how Aamir took this. He would not be very happy, we are sure. But the million dollar question is why Amitabh opted for this particular dress code when he was an invited guest. We will leave you to think about that.

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