Aamir KhanMumbai: Move over item-girls! Boys are all set to storm their bastion now. None other than actor – producer-Aamir Khan has taken to this new vocation. He stars in an item song in Delhi Belly. He happily says that the song – I hate You – in Delhi Belly is far superior than Shiela… or Munny for that matter.

The actor laughs in satisfaction over the way the item song was done in the movie and winks that more such boy-item-songs will flood the Indian screen. He prophesies that the time has come for the item girls to move over and hand over, rather, leg-over, the stage to their opposite gender. Unveiling the rushes of his likely-trend-setting song, Aamir Khan declared his intentions of making it to the top in the item-song-boy category too. “I Hate You” song features Aamir Khan donning a 1980-disco-dancer look.

Aamir is made to look in the movie as a take-on of Mithun Chakraborty who scorched the screen during 1980s with his disco numbers. He says he is dying to show this to his friends – particularly Salman Khan – who Aamir acknowledges to be a better item-song boy. Its now for the Dabangg-dude to respond!. Seems to be HAPPY TIMES AHEAD for the girls – the viewers, though!

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