Zarine KatrinaWhen Salman Khan’s protégé, Zarine Khan, first hit marquee in the actor’s mega flop, “Veer”, all people couldn’t get enough of was her uncanny resemblance to the actor’s then girlfriend, Katrina Kaif.

Now nearly two years later, the actress has had enough of such comparisons. In an interview in “Times of India”, Khan as said that she has been trying hard to recover from her debut.

The actress said: “You know after the release of “Veer”, I was lost… then, there were all these comparisons about me being a Katrina Kaif look-alike and how I would eventually disappear like Sneha Ullal [another Salman Khan discovery in “Lucky”].”

She added: “Now I have to shed one more issue and that’s being a Katrina look alike.”

Khan stated that there was misconception that, like Kaif, she too was from the UK, was 26-27 years old and struggled to speak Hindi.

She said: “The fact is I have been born and raised in Bombay and I am just 23 years old. I don’t know why everyone feels that I can’t speak Hindi. I cannot only speak Hindi but also Marathi and that too fluently.”

If that hasn’t set the record straight, the young talent believes that her new film, Sajid Naidawala’s “Housefull 2” will ensure her acting skills come out to shine.

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