Sonakshi ZarineAllegedly, there’s some bad blood between Sonakshi Sinha and Zarine Khan. Salman Khan recently hosted a party, and the two starlets were in attendance. Things got off to a bad start, as eye-witnesses said that Sonakshi brushed past Zarine without even a, “hello”! Now, if you thought that was rude, just you wait, because things got down right physical later on in the evening. One source revealed, “She pushed Zarine while walking past her, and then pretended that she hadn’t even realized it!”

Sonakshi! What has gotten into you? Word on the street is that Ms. Sinha is very protective of her Salman (read: jealous), and has little patience for other women steppin’ up to her man. Zarine must have gotten a little too close for Sonakshi’s comfort, so Shotgun Junior went off.

After news of the incident circulated, Sonakshi was quick to set the record straight. She denies that she was even at Salman’s party! You smell that? It smells like lies to us…

But! Zarine’s got a little shade in her step, too. When asked if she saw Sonakshi at Salaman’s party, Ms. Zarine refused to comment! Girl, whatchu hidin’?

What do you guys think? Was Sonakshi being a violent diva, or is Zarine’s camp trying to stir up some publicity.

Source: Desi Hits

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