Saif AishwaryaSaif Ali Khan on being questioned about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s presence at the festival every year, with or without a film to promote, said, “Maybe because she is a pretty face.” Needless to say, this remark sparked a controversy.

Several websites picked up Saif’s remark, saying how the actor feels that Ash is just a ‘pretty face’. A website even went ahead to say that an actor, however big or small would definitely feel angry on being referred as pretty but not talented.

The controversies were further fuelled by the fact that once upon a time in Bollywood, the Bachchan bahu and Saif’s girlfriend Kareena Kapoor refused to even look at each other. Starting in the days when Abhishek was engaged to Bebo’s elder sister Karisma, the cold war continues even today.

In fact, the two Bollywood leading beauties refuse to acknowledge each other’s presence at film parties, events and even award functions.

However, Saif is shocked to hear about the misinterpretation of what he had to say about Ash. “I was asked about the relevance of Ash going to Cannes and I said she is the international face of India and I most certainly did not mean to poke fun at her.

I said we should be proud about her beautiful face. One website quoted me verbatim, complimenting Ash, which is what I meant in the first place. But others have misquoted me. I would never say something like that about her.”

Source: Big Oye

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