Luv Ka The End ReviewCast: Shraddha Kapoor, Taaha Shah, Pushtiie Shakti, Jannat Zubair Rahmani, Mahabanoo Kotwal; Director: Bumpy; Rating: 2 out of 5.

How seriously can you take a film made by someone called Bumpy? Even if it is a solo-idea candy-coloured concoction stirred up for those that are strictly eighteen years old, or getting there? ‘Luv Ka The End’ falls into the same trap of all these let’s-target-the-young-demographic movies : in their desperation for coolness, they forget to tell a real story.

There’s, like, this guy. His name is Luv ( Shah). He’s, you know, awesome. Or, at any rate, he thinks he is. And there’s this girl. Ria ( Kapoor) is a sweet, innocent virgin, all hot for this dude. He’s got plans for her eighteenth birthday, which involve a water bed, bondage, and hidden cameras. She twigs on, and hatches a get-her-own-back plan with the help of her gal pals, a fat one and a thin one who squabble all the time. Does it sound a bit like that Hollywood flick ‘John Tucker Must Die’? Whatever, dude.

‘Luv Ka The End’ comes from a brand new sub-banner within Yashraj, created to make movies aimed at the young. Which translates, in this film, as those co-eds who drive luxury cars, wear designer togs, and only think about dating and `making out’. There’s also the mandatory south Indian geek ( are there no other kinds?) who is never seen without his laptop. An annoying tween is a straight lift of all the annoying tweens that Yashraj products create in the pursuit of cuteness ; a sleepwalking grandmom with a thing for crows is a waste of space.

There must be a perfectly good way of making an engaging film on these slender plot points, and ‘Luv Ka The End’ beavers away on all these, and raises a few laughs here and there, one or two catching the young cast in a nice, natural way. But there’s so little else in the film that it all flattens out in an alarming sit-com like fashion, as this very now film is reduced to using the creakiest comic devices from old-style Bollywood—itching powder, and laxatives.

Source: Indian Express

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