Liza MalikItem girl Liza Malik, who came in limelight after her album Simply Liza with singer Mika Singh, is close to couple of cricketers. The item girl has also proposed a cricket player on the reality show Dancing Queen.

But Liza is in trouble as she is been caught on the international bookmakers. A UK-based bookie named as Razaaq aka Razz, has been calling Lisa and asking her for her contacts with cricketers to help them to fix ongoing IPL matches and for this job she is been offered 50 lakhs.

Liza being a stage performer has performed many events in the presence of cricketers. She was also a usual at the IPL post-match parties last year. Liza has filed a complaint against the caller at Oshiwara police station yesterday.

Liza says that, “I was in Thailand last week when the calls started pouring in from unknown international numbers. The caller said he knew that I

was close to couple of cricketers and asked me to arrange for him to speak to them. He offered me Rs 50 lakh if I could get the cricketers to play as per his ‘equations’. I told him that I am a mere performer and am not acquainted with cricketers, but he kept emphasising on the Bhajji controversy. After I got a little rude with the man, he threatened me with dire consequences if I did not do his bidding. It seems he has been tracking me. He knew where I lived, knew about my family and even knew that I was in Thailand then.”

The senior official of the Oshiwara police said that, “A non-cognisable complaint has been registered against an unknown person under Section 307 (issuing threats through phone calls) of the IPC. We have asked her to approach us if she gets a call from the person again and we will register an FIR then.”

Hope everything goes well with Liza.

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