KashmakashCast: Raima Sen, Riya Sen; Director: Rituparno Ghosh; Rating: 3 out of 5.

It’s Kashmakash in Hindi and Noukadubi in Bengali. Rituparno Ghosh, the director and Subhash Ghai, the producer, can debate about which one’s better till the cows come home. One thing is without dispute. Raima Sen was born to play a Rabindranath Tagore heroine, her classically beautiful face exuding both impishness and intelligence. She is a progressive liberal young woman, brought up by a father (the excellent Dhritiman Chatterjee) who adores her and whom she is loath to leave.

The relationship is intimate, delicate and yet not cheesy. When the two cry while singing together or exchange confidences on love, time stops. The other men are incidental to the plot. They exist only to underline another kind of female power, in the character of Riya Sen, a semi-literate abandoned woman who refuses to give up hope.

The yearning for true love, the difference between a chot and a zakhm, the inevitability of waiting. With Ghosh’s sense of drama and Tagore’s words, can this be anything but engaging?

Source: India Today

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