Deepika JohnAfter the highly publicised break-up of the long time couple, John and Bipasha, the two have taken no time to move on it seems!

While Bips created recent buzz about all her cozy escapades with co-star Rana – John too is not striving for the heartbroken Devdas image.

Reliable sources confirm that hottie single John Abraham and controversy’s child Deepika Padukone have been cozying up on the sets of Rohit Dhawan’s Desi Boyz.

What with rumors of the Mallya heir Sid spotted kissing Sophie, and Dippy’s hence understood loss of her transiently held onto arm candy, the dusky southern belle is sure flagging the single signs again. And with John’s shocking break up – the two co-stars on Dhawan’s sets have had many chances of becoming what tinsel town usually calls “just friends”!

When asked about the rumors, John was heard saying that Deepika is ‘sweet and professional’. Sure thing mate – we’ve heard that before, and not just once!

A yet more recent round of gossip has arisen from the ‘kiss’ shared by Sid and Dippy – very much in PDA – after an IPL win. The obvious question remains what it has all this while… are they, or are they not?!

The relationship statuses are sure looking complicated for all the stars mentioned above. Who will dump who, to go for who – is an evasive matter that inevitably keeps the scribe tribe warily awaiting!

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