Bipasha Basu wallpaperBollywood actress Bipasha Basu has lashed out at certain reports that have maligned her name in the media of late.

We can only assume she is talking in reference to the published transcripts of an alleged conversation between former Samajwadi party leader Amar Singh and Basu herself.

The conversation alleges Singh, addressing Basu as ‘baby’ and flirting with her, where he complains about being an old man.

To this, the person – who reports claim is Basu – says: “I do not think age really matters…”

“It matters between the legs,” comes the response from Singh.

Basu has clearly seen red over these allegations, as the actress came out on microblogging site, Twitter, earlier today to clear the air.

She tweeted: “Pls request u all to go n heard conversation 1st n then if u still think its me, I openly challenge anyone to prove it is me! [sic]”

The “Dum Maro Dum” actress added: “A celeb takes beatings of all kinds but if my dignity is challenged, I am ready to take this issue up in a stronger manner!

“There is a limit of making up stories at the cost of a celeb! Sensationalising ridiculous and untrue stories is not ethical at all! [sic]”

Basu has been occupying column inches inthe press of late, with months of speculation over a split with long-time beau and fellow actor, John Abraham. The actress was also linked with co-star of“Dum Maro Dum”, Rana Daggubati, which she had denied; this was followed up by alink-up with her “Singularity” star, Josh Hartnett.

However, the actress has now become more open about her single status, which we assume is what she was addressing on Twitter last night, when she said: “Just like a shoe, if someone is meant foryou they will just fit perfectly. No forcing, no struggling, and no pain.”

She went on to say: “Its better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all!”

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