EktaEkta Kapoor doesn’t shy away from saying that she learnt promotion tactics from the king of marketing, Aamir Khan. It’s a known fact that Aamir always promotes his movies in unique and effective style. Following Mr Perfectionist, Ekta Kapoor too tool some easy and effective ways of promoting her upcoming movie Ragini MMS. “Aamir has taught us the best ways of film promotions. He is a genius. He has taught us that promotion cannot be done with money, rather it requires passion. He has inspired us a lot on how to promote a film,” says Ekta.

The filmmaker is promoting the movie by herself and is also visiting every possible place to have maximum exposure. Ekta has also put stickers on auto rickshaws in Mumbai with the punch line Ragini Ka MMS dekha kya?. “Yes, we have thought of promoting the movie in a unique style. We did not put big posters all around because the hoardings are too expensive and our movie doesn’t have a huge budget. We have selected 5,000 autos and gave them five hundred rupees each for promoting our movie,” she concludes.

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