Kareena SRK in Ra OneThe king khan will be kissing his co-star Kareena Kapoor in his upcoming movie RA.ONE. In his 22 year old carrier it is for the first time that SRK will kiss any of his co-stars. Shahrukh Khan will be playing the role of a super hero in the movie. RA-ONE is actually a very unique name and actually it signifies new Indian super hero which means Random Access-Version.

The kiss between Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor will take place during a romantic song in the film. SRK has agreed for the kiss because it will be a slight touch of lips between the two of them. It is not going to be like any ordinary Indian movie kiss, this one will be more than what usually appears in Indian masala movies.

Kareena Kapoor told the media about the kiss in the movie, she shared, “I have kissed many other guys in the movies before and hence it is not an issue for me.”

This kiss might anger the king khan’s wife, Gauri Khan. The truth behind SRK agreeing to break his non kiss pact only for this movie will appear only when he will openly talk to the media about it but apparently, Shah Rukh Khan is avoiding any talk about the film, as the date of release is seven months away.

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