Hrithik SalmanThe Bollywood buddies Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt have deepened their friendship. Salman Khan is said to do anything for the people whom he likes and tries to destroy the people whom he dislikes. Salman Khan has said that he has grown up watching Sanjay Dutt. He admires everything about Sanjay Dutt, his style, personality, physic and specially his walk.

Both Salman and Sanjay were in Bangkok shooting for their films BODYGAURD and RASCALS respectively. They both had spent lot of time together and gone out after their shootings are done. The actual story also was that good friends of Salman that is Sanjay and Ajay both are doing a cameo in Salman’s movie BODYGAURD on the request of Sallu.

Sanjay took tips from Salman about how to reduce his body and get into proper shape before he starts shooting for his role in AGNEEPATH. Salman gave him his diet plan and told him that he should stay away from alcohol for at least five days of the week. Salman suggested Sanjay a perfect diet plan with the correct amount of proteins and other necessary minerals to build his muscles as we all know that Salman has the best physique in Bollywood. Sanjay also follows all what Salman has guided him to do.

But actually it seems that Salman wants Sanjay to overshadow and look better than Hrithik in AGNEEPATH. This rivalry between Salman and Hrithik has started after they spoke something to each other after GUZAARISH movie.

It is something like Ek Tir Do Nishane!

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