Ra OneWhen India’s biggest superstar, Rajnikanth, came up with his mega budget film, everyone thought that it would take the industry a few years to once again sum up that kind of a budget for a film! But Shahrukh Khan has challenged the pundits! His most ambitious film till date, ‘Ra.One’, has taken the slot of being the costliest film in the history of Indian Cinema!

Earlier this feat was achieved by Rajnikanth’s ‘Robot’, with a total budget of Rs. 132 crores. However, SRK’s film has pumped in Rs. 150 crores! Both, Director Anubhav Sinha and Producer Shahrukh Khan, had realized before commencing shoot that the kind of quality they wish to maintain for the film would need more than Rs 100 crores. The enormous sum has been appropriated to the use of the best visual effects available, the costliest superhero costumes and the extravagant shoots, while only still in the film-making process!

With so many hopes hooked on to SRK’s film, let’s hope that the film is at least able to recover its investment, if not cash in on the hopeful profits!

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Ra.One is India's most expensive Movie, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating Advertisement