Shazahn PadamseeFew actresses in Bollywood reveal the secrets to their perfect figure and shape, but Shazahn Padamsee does not mind in letting her fans know what keeps her in the pink of health and in such great shape.

The sexy actress, who was off late seen in successful films lie ROCKET SINGH and DIL TOH BACHCHA HEIN JI is extremely health conscious and likes to stay fit. She hits the gym regularly and works out with much passion and dedication. In a recent interview to a leading publication she revealed how she avoids chemically enhanced food. It seems she starts her day with a glass of warm water with lemon and honey. She then has vegetable juice and some fruits. A healthy diet it might sound. She then has oats or muesli and then hits the gym for more than an hour. For lunch she prefers brown rice and vegetables mixed in a soup. For dinner she has steamed chicken or fish along with vegetables. That’s how healthy her diet is. But being the chirpy little young girl, she does cheat on her diet at times. She added “I do cheat a day once a month, and it usually consists of oily food, chocolate and everything fattening!” After all who would want to be all focused and dedicated on their diet.

Shazahn’s rigorous workout seems to have paid off as she has grabbed a couple of good projects of late In Bollywood. The actress had ROCKET SINGH for starters. Though a small role, Shazahn caught everyone’s attention in her first outing itself with her cute looks and chirpy and fresh acting. She then did DIL TOH BACHCHA HEIN JI where she had a more important role of Ajay Devgan’s love interest. She played her part to apt perfection once again proving that she had inherited all the right genes from her parents Alyque Padamsee and Sharon Prabhakar. It would be interesting to see where all her hard work and repeated efforts takes her in Bollywood.

Source: Bollywood Chaska

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