Salman KanganaBollywood is known for its ‘no permanent friendship, no permanent animosity’ stance. Sour relationships turn sweet, and sweet relationships turn sour for various reasons. But when you are Salman, reason can go for a toss! Which is how we can describe his up-down relationship with Kangana Ranaut!

It was earlier reported that Kangana was accused for throwing around names of stars like Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt to accentuate her career. But that faded away, and recently, Salman shocked everyone when he dropped by Kangana’s Bandra residence to wish her on her Birthday during the wee-hours of the morning, reportedly by 4 a.m! Later, she was seen at Salman’s bash, on the eve of the Australia v/s India match, in her happy-go-lucky mood. And in his turn, Salman again shocked us when he wrapped up his shoot early, just to meet Kangana, who was shooting nearby as well!

¬†Salman was doing a photo-shoot with Asin for his upcoming film ‘Ready’ when he got the news about Kangana’s whereabouts. Almost immediately, he wrapped up the shoot and rushed off to spend some ‘quality time’ with her!

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