Rani VidyaIn Bollywood often relationships are based on the grounds of mutual benefits, be it a so-called link-up or break up story to promote the film or indecent promotional activity that grabs most of the eyeballs targeted. But after the film releases most of these goody-goody relations go haywire, and such has been the matter of fact in case of Rani Mukherjee and Vidya Balan’s strange closeness that has now turned into animosity.

It all started with their film ‘No one killed Jessica’s’ promotional activity. The two critically acclaim actress when came together in the film it was repeatedly reported that all’s not well between the two on the sets, but every gossip was denied, by the two. And to prove that there’s no bitterness between them, they took a cheap turn to prove their friendship, they talked, they giggled, going hand-in-hand at every damn event that the two attended to promote their film. Rani also went out of the limits by faking a lip-lock with her new found friend Vidya Balan on national television. With this extent of affection made people believe that friendship between two bollywood actresses is now very much possible, but then again Rani and Vidya proved the world right that the two girls from tinsel town can never be friends.

As soon as the film released and was declared a hit by critics and audiences alike, the two started parting ways as the mission aspired was already accomplished. The film was a hit and every plan that was drafted proved a stepping stone to success, and now that they don’t have anything to bond on there are coming reports that both the actresses are upset by claiming that each tried to hog the limelight earlier. Aren’t we all tired of hearing such nuisance ever; if there were such ego clashes how on earth did they bond? And now that they don’t have anything to say, such excuses to end the relationships just drag the unimportant issues to the core.

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