Ranbir KatrinaRanbir Kapoor has introduced Katrina Kaif to almost all his family members from his grandmom Krishna Raj Kapoor to mum Neetu Kapoor to elder sister Ridhima.

All the Kapoor ladies have turned extremely fond of Kat and spend good time with her. Reportedly, the two heaartthrobs of the nation will soon tie a knot and confirm their relationship to the world.

Ranbir was earlier dating Deepika Padukone and the madly-in-love couple had to part ways because of the sultry Katrina Kaif. Kaif who was Salman Khan’s love interest has broken off with the star some time back. Salman’s break-up with Kat was relatively controversy free unlike his other break-ups probably because Kat is way too younger than Salman and of Ranbir’s age group.

But now rumours that Kat and Ranbir will get married are doing the rounds. We wonder how will Sallu react to them. Probably he should just be human and ignore.

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